The show finale but, took that little success for the bi community and stepped it back…


The show finale but, took that little success for the bi community and stepped it back…

The show finale nevertheless, took that tiny triumph for the bi community and moved it back in queerbaiting territory.

Lydia (once once more) rescues Jackson through the clutches of hunters specialized in eradicating the supernatural and their reunion is as tender and psychological as that serious relationship deserved. A couple whom may not be in love anymore, yet still love one another, hurried into an embrace that melted fans hearts. Then, as Jackson announced Ethan, Lydia’s to his relationship key reaction had been, “Oh, thank god you figured it out”. This twist regarding the formula that is classic forced Jackson to the other end associated with the binary, implying gayness rather than straightness.

Although totally accepting of their identification, Lydia implied in one single sentence that she knew he had been drawn to males in senior school by having a flippancy that read as beard worthy, throwing into concern the complete plot of Season 2. While Lydia is unquestionably smart sufficient to sense that Jackson could be in the Kinsey scale, there’s nothing about this undeniable fact that rewrites or changes Jackson’s feelings on her behalf as they were together. With this single phrase, the show declined to permit Jackson to claim an infinitely more complex identification as compared to binary of gay or right.

“A while right straight back we would been discussing bringing Colton back to the show, and I also stated if he comes home on, he is returning with some guy, whether or not it’s bisexual or gay, he’s finding its way back a changed man,” showrunner Jeff Davis stated in an early on meeting with Entertainment Weekly first teasing the comeback.