Therefore, once again, you realize, it varied from business to business, but there clearly was a complete large amount of behavioral modification, there was clearly lots of straightening up and thinking much much harder on how they certainly were serving the buyer and much more focus on paying attention into the sound for the consumer that will be one thing we stressed on a regular basis.


Peter: Right, appropriate. For you personally, but certainly for the Bureau, like you mentioned, the whole set up of the Bureau, we’ll get to that in a little bit, but I’m curious about…from your perspective what was the most challenging part of being the Director of the CFPB if you look back and look at some…I was reading some of the articles from your tenure there and there were certainly some people who had tremendous dislike, it seemed?

Rich: Well, I truly did need to face the facts in early stages that we wasn’t going to be loved by everyone (Peter laughs). In specific, you realize, some industry professionals had been really in opposition to everything we had been doing, they felt threatened by that and several of these got using the scheduled system and comprehended it and respected that modification had to be produced and so they must be the main modification and figure out how to embrace it.